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Seminars, Conferences and Cultural Forums

LMDC aims by hosting seminars and workshops to exchange the up to date information, ideas and visions on the latest management practices and business trends.

Equipped with experienced expertise, LMDC hosts seminars and workshops addressed to all organizational and administrative levels and targeting senior executives and professionals in business organizations. The working team also organizes seminars and workshops exploring the latest challenges facing senior managers and administrative and human resource personnel.

With the mounting training activities, LMDC developed a number of cultural activities in collaboration with top writers and intellectuals. The first of these activities was the Cultural Salon which hosts many of the experts and symbols who address various public and cultural subjects. Fine Art exhibitions are held along side with the Salon.

Due to the excellence and extreme discipline of the center in organizing and managing meetings, LMDC has won the trust of many formal institutions as the Advisory Board of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the Supreme Council for journalism to conduct its meetings in the center.