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Professional Doctorate Program in Business Administration

  • K2_POWERED_BY: Cairo University


This program is designed to qualify managers in companies, institutions, banks, international markets and state agencies in all sectors and to acquire modern managerial skills to improve the standards of performance in all sectors according to the scientific and research principles, with an emphasis on professional and applicable aspects.

Admission requirements:

  • Master degree, (MSC, MBA) from one of the Egyptian universities or its equivalent from another institute.
  • A minimum of 5 years practical experience.
  • Passing the English Language Test with (500) degree, from Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, or the AMIDEAST within one year from registration.

Required documents:

  • The admission application from the MBA department.
  • Graduation Certificate.
  • Certificate of the Master degree and the Academic Transcript.
  • The accreditation from the supreme council of universities.
  • 4 photos.
  • Position of the military statues for those under 30 years.
  • Updated c.v.
  • Certificate of 5 years' experience.
  • Copy of the birth certificate.
  • Copy of the ID card/ passport

The academic schedule:

Classes meet twice a week on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The basic structure of the professional doctorate program in Business Administration (DBA):

  • The program is at least for three years for a full-time student or five years for part-time students.
  • The number of credit hours for the program are (66 credit hours), consists of 45 credit hours of the curriculum, and (21) credit hours of electives.
  • Presenting a thesis in the professional specialization of Business Administration and passing the panel interview.
  • Equivalent courses (45 credit hours), it is proposed that the program includes a number of major academic courses 15 Course spread over four levels as follows:
    • The First Level: Skills of Scientific Research and Statistical Analysis.
    • The Second Level: Development of basic skills in Business Management Functions.
    • The Third Level: Development of Specialization skills.
    • Level IV: Development of writing and reporting skills and research projects.

The Doctoral Thesis:

Curriculum Total Credit Hours
The preparation of the thesis is at least one year from the date of registration, a field study applied and conducted in accordance with a research project prepared by the researcher and approved by the supreme Council of Universities. The formation of the examination committee is based on the recommendation of Supervisor. 21 hours

The structure of elective courses according to each specialty:

Business Administration
S Courses


Technology Management


Strategic Management


Information Management

 4. Knowledge and innovation Management
 5. work ethics and organizations' social Responsibility
 6. HRM and Organizational Behavior
 7. International Management
 8. Applied Operation Research
Financing and Investment:
S Courses


Financial Policies


Financial Institutions Management


Financial Markets

 4. Investment Analysis

Financial Investment 1


Financial Assets


International Financing


Financial Investment 2

S Courses


Strategic Marketing


Marketing Information Systems


International Marketing

 4. Branding Management

Retail Stores Management


Promotion and Advertising

 7. Advanced Applications in Marketing Feasibility Studies
 8. e-Marketing
Human Resources Management:
S Courses


Wages Management


Recent Trends in HRM


Manpower Planning

 4. Human Relations Management

Strategic Management for HR


HRM Information System

 7. Total Quality Management
 8. International HRM