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Professional Doctorate Program in Business Administration-Ain Shams University

  • K2_POWERED_BY: Ain Shams University


This program is designed to qualify managers in companies, institutions, banks, international markets and state agencies in all sectors and to acquire modern managerial skills to improve the standards of performance in all sectors According to the scientific and research principles, with an emphasis on professional and applicable aspects.

Admission requirements:

  • Master degree, (MSC, MBA) from one of the Egyptian universities or its equivalent from another institute.
  • A minimum of 3 years practical experience.
  • Passing the English Language Test with (500) degree, from Faculty of Arts, Cairo University,Ain Shams University, The British Council or the AMIDEAST within one year from registration.
  • Obtaining the ICDL within one year from registration.

Required documents:

  • The admission application from the MBA department.
  • Graduation Certificate.
  • Certificate of the Master degree and the Academic Transcript.
  • The accreditation from the supreme council of universities.
  • 4 photos.
  • Position of the military statues for those under 30 years.
  • Updated c.v.
  • Certificate of 3 years' experience.
  • Copy of the birth certificate.
  • Copy of the ID card/ passport

Study specialization:

The program consists of 14 curriculum; 8 core courses and 6 elective courses. The applicant chooses the suitable the specialization from the following:

  • Marketing Management
  • Business Administration
  • Logistics Management
  • Financing and Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Hospital Management

The curriculum structure of the professional doctorate program in Business Administration:

  • Study duration ranging between three years (minimum), and five years (maximum), the number of credit hours for the program are(66) credit hours, divided into (44) credit hours for the curriculum and (22) hours electives.
  • Passing the comprehensive exam.
  • Submit a thesis on the subject of professional discipline and passing the judging panel from various disciplines at the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University.


First Level
s Courses Total Hours
1. Advanced Studies in Human Resources Management 3
2. Advanced Studies in Marketing 3
3. Advanced Studies in Finance 3
4. Advanced Studies in Operation & Production Management 3
5. Advanced Studies in Management Accounting 3
6. Advanced Studies in Strategic Management 3
7. Applied Research Method 3
8. Applied Statistical Analysis 3
Total Credit Hours 24

Elective Courses (second level):

First : The Marketing
s Courses Total Hours
1. Retailing Management 3
2. Strategic Marketing Management 3
3. Consumer Behavior 3
4. Social Marketing 3
5. Global Marketing 3
6. Creative Marketing 3
Total Credit Hours 18


Second : Logistics Management
s Courses Total Hours
1. Supply Chain Management in Service Sector 3
2. Customer Relationship Management 3
3. Business to Business Marketing 3
4. Supply Chain Management 3
5. International Logistics & Global Supply Chain 3
6. Value Chain Innovation in Cost engagement and Information Technology 3
Total Credit Hours 18


Third: Human Resources Management
s Courses Total Hours
1. International HRM 3
2. HRM Information System 3
3. Strategic HRM 3
4. Recent Trends in HRM 3
5. Performance Management 3
6. Advanced Studies in Negotiation Management 3
Total Credit Hours 18


Fourth: Business Administration
s Courses Total Hours
1. TQM 3
2. Knowledge & Innovation Management 3
3. Strategic Management in Global Environment 3
4. Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management 3
5. Advanced Studies in Leadership & Communication Skills 3
6. Advanced Studies in Strategic Negotiation 3
Total Credit Hours 18


Fifth: Financing and Accounting
s Courses Total Hours
1. Management of Financial Institution 3
2. Studies in Cost Accounting 3
3. Investment Analysis 3
4. Advanced Studies in International Finance 3
5. Financial Decision Making 3
6. Portfolio Theory 3
Total Credit Hours 18


Sixth : Health Care Management
s Courses Total Hours
1. Managing Performance Improvement in Health Care Delivery Organization 3
2. Medicine and Law , Ethics Policies 3
3. Innovation in Health Care 3
4. Services Marketing , Strategies for Non Profits and Profits Organization 3
5. Health Systems Management 3
6. Building and Sustaining Successful Enterprises 3
Total Credit Hours 18


s Detailed steps for applied research preparation Total Hours
1. The student should pass the core and elective courses to proceed





2. Registering the research project after the acceptance of university and faculty council
3. The Council of the Section appoints a supervisor to oversee the research and the student follow-up with the supervisor and this is called the Writing Up stage
4. After the completion of the research, a committee will be formed for examination and judgment
5. After the formation of the examination committee with an external arbitrator, the members of the examination committee prepare the validity of research to be discussed and approved
6. The applied research is preferred to be at the student's work field, to solve a real problem and suggest possible solutions that develop working scheme